Melt by Lisa Walker

Summer Dawn Rain Wright is a hippie chick from Nimbin trying to turn her life around. Luckily, she has project manager boyfriend, Adrian to assist her design her spreadsheets and goal plan on a daily basis. But even Summer will concede, life is boring. That is, until Adrian dumps her for Cougar, the star of the TV show she works for. To add to her misery, she’s forced to impersonate Cougar for the show whilst it’s filming in Antarctica, of all places.

In Antarctica she meets bearded climate change scientist, Lucas and sparks fly even though she’s doing a terrible job of pretending to be Cougar. Then Adrian turns up as the Assistant to an anti-environment Politician. The freezing temperatures and isolated setting plus her acting as someone she isn’t makes for hilarious reading.

Summer just wants to write scripts for soap operas and explore who she really is and follow her dreams. She thinks stable and dependable Adrian is the key to her future, but what about Lucas?

Whilst this is a funny and quirky romantic/comedy, it is so much more than that. Walker delves deeply into the issue of climate change and life in Antarctica and it is obvious these are subjects she knows and cares about. She adeptly applies this knowledge to her story and it works. Plus, there’s a heartbreaking storyline about her brother, but no spoilers here.

It’s quirky, funny, romantic and serious all at once.  I’d recommend it.

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